Do you know the feeling when you first hear about an exciting event or a great offer WHEN it is too late? That’s why I started this service for all of us, who wants to get a great offer in time.

By submitting yourself to, you can be assured of, that you will receive the offers you want, when you want them, at the time you choose or on a specific date. That makes it easy to be informed of the offers, that you don’t want to miss out on.

What’s in it for me?

For you as a user:

(Introduction video how to) is for you, who wants to be informed of what’s gooing on around you and at the moment when you have some spare time. It is also for you, who wants to see which special offers you can get near you. If you submit yourself as a user of, you will get the opportunity to choose which offers and experiences you want to be informed of. It is easy and it doesn’t cost a thing. (Register as user)

For you as a provider:

(Introduction video how to) is for you, who has a great offer or an event, that you would like to provide our users. You can submit yourself as a provider and decide which offers you want to provide for the customer group you choose. There’s no obligation to commit further and no start-up fee, so it can’t get any easier for you. (Register as a provider)

If you feel the need to get in contact with us, you can do it by:


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